Connecting Customers with Advanced Manufacturing Technology Solutions
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EXLNZ INTERNATIONAL INC (doing business as MTAB USA INC) has been serving customers in the area of Advanced Manufacturing Technology solutions over 10 years. The focus of the company is to connect customers with the right solutions in the areas of skill development and special machine solutions. MTAB USA partners with organizations across the world in order to create a portfolio of products for its customers to choose from.
Based in Greater Seattle, WA, MTAB USA works with a network of channel partners across USA and several countries to serve an important segment: Vocational and technical education customers. The company’s partner product portfolio consists of CNC, Mechatronics, Robotics and Manufacturing Automation solutions. The products it represents are backed by strong training and curriculum, and support for the teachers and institutions to impart skills to trainees successfully.
On the industry side, MTAB USA serves job shops and production houses looking for compact machining solutions that will provide reliable machining solutions with compact footprint and lower operation and maintenance costs.
Our Mission:
“To connect vocational education and job shop customers with the right solution in manufacturing technology, by providing the optimal solution for today’s needs and for tomorrow’s growth, with effective support for training and service”
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