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Technical Details
CNC Train is a user-friendly CNC Programming and Simulation packages. The software comes with several modules and has the option of multiple control programming (Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain)
It features advanced graphic selection techniques, user friendly selection window for G&M codes, a wizard to guide beginners through programming syntax, tooling windows for tool selection, offsets, etc. , datum control techniques.
The software has built-in control panel to familiarize trainees with the industrial control panel. Optionally, you can add an external MDI control panel hardware to gain tactile experience of working with industrial CNC panels.
Option of eCNC e-learning package for programming guide
CNC Train Programming
Multifunctional programming capabilities
Powerful Graphics including plan view, side view, 3D, tool path, auto zoom
Tool library for manual and automatic tooling
Manual or automatic tool-offsetting
Multiple output modes to CNC and communication thru RS232, LAN or USB.
Post processing to multiple controllers.
CNCMac Machine Simulator
Virtual Machine Simulator
Supports G-codes and M-Codes.
Two and three axes support for turning and milling available.
Parting off simulation
Front and Rear machining.
DNC Link Direct NC Link
Direct link to XLTURN (Lathe) and XLMILL (Milling) Machine
CNC Design Basic CAD
Powerful yet easy to use package for Part designing with CAD features and tools
Import from other CAD packages DXF or HPGL interface.
Based on tool path for machining, program can be automatically generated.
CNC Wizard
Wizard based Guide For Part Programming
Descriptive comments guiding through the machining process.
CNC Write
Powerful tool for creating advanced programming.
User friendly selection window for G&M codes
Special cycles and functions available according to control type
Desktop MDI Keyboard
The MTAB MDI Keyboard for industrial controls is a hardware that connects with the computer, to emulate industrial control panel. It works in tandem with CNCTrain software. The MDI control keyboard allows users to mimic the working of industrial controls and operator panels, including use of CNC commands, CNC programming, axes control etc.
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