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Introducing a series of e-learning and m-training solutions in the area of Manufacturing Automation
eCNC is designed to be an interactive course with audio, video, author narrative and notes. The mix oftext and media will strengthen the concepts. The userscan test their understanding through built-inknowledge checks. For the teachers’, the knowledge check can serve as an assessment to progress thestudents through the course. Built on a powerful platform, Learnosphere, the e-training course is skills-focused, modular and can be adaptedby standard CNC hardware or training software providers.
In these CNC Turning and Milling programs, eCNC will guide you through the following modules:
  •   Introduction to CNC
  •   Construction of CNC Machine
  •   Machining operations
  •   Tools and its usage
  •   CNC ISO, Siemens and Fanuc Programming
  •   Safety norms
  •   Knowledge checks
  •   Powerful personal learning on CNC Technology.
  •   Quality examples using audio, theory, images andvideos
  •   Features to restart learning from exactly where you left
  •   Course covers from history to cutting technologyon CNC
  •   Easy to use course with navigation
  •   Windows PC, iPad and Android compatible
  •   Fully hosted online, you can access the course 24 x 7from anywhere
Who will benefit
  •   Industrial Training institutes      •   Engineering colleges      •   Corporate training centers   •    CNC manufacturers to train their customer   •   Industries - for their internal training
About Learnosphere:
Learnosphere is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS) that delivers standards-compliant learning in a hassle-free manner.
With an intuitive interface and a host of user-friendly features, it enables organizations to manage the entire learning and development process from enrolment and delivery to testing, tracking, and reporting.
Learnosphere supports both the asynchronous (anytime, anywhere learning) and the synchronous (online classroom interactions, via web conferencing) modes of learning, thereby providing a comprehensive learning experience to users.
The highlights of the LMS include:
   •   A 3-tier architecture for managing clients/departments etc.
  •   Batch user import (for adding a large number of users in one go)
  •   Support for different modes of learning (both synchronous and asynchronous)
  •   Simple and easy-to-use reporting features
  •   Email notifications
  •   Interactions (both live and offline) between peers and with faculty
About Learnnovators:
Learnnovators specializes in the design and development of custom learning solutions for corporates. Since inception in 2003, Learnnovators has successfully deployed over 6000 hours of learning content for a wide range of domains.
Whether it is choosing the best mode of e-Learning techniques tailored to organizational objectives or creating customized content, or designing interactive modules for assessment with the help of games or simulations, Learnnovators has implemented innumerable programs to the satisfaction of a worldwide clientele. These have been deployed on a variety of contexts and devices such as mobile phones, tablets, interactive whiteboards etc.
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