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Technical Specification
EXLMILL CNC Milling machine is offered with the option of 8 stations hydraulically actuated Automatic Tool Changer. It is the ideal solution for corporate, and government training centres.
The machine comes with Siemens 802C CNC control. It is constructed on cast iron bed with precision grade grounded ball screws and LM guide ways in all axes.
EXLMILL can be integrated and interfaced with robots, automatic storage & retrieval system (ASRS), linear conveyor, into FMS and CIM systems
Other accessory options include loading and unloading device, auto door and hydro pneumatic vice.
EXLMILL is available with an aesthetically designed integrated base with tool storage drawer and PC compartment
X Axis
250 mm
9.8 in
Y Axis
150 mm
5.8 in
Z Axis
200 mm
7.9 in
Distance between Tabletop and Spindle Nose
100 - 310 mm
3.9 - 12.2 in
Table Size (Option)
480 mm x 180 mm
(600 mm x 18 0 mm)
18.9 in x 7.1in
(23.6 in x 7.1 in)
Maximum Loading Capacity
50 kg
110 lbs
Spindle Motor (Option)
1.1 Kw AC Induction Motor
(AC Servo)
1.5 HP AC
Induction Motor
(AC Servo)
Spindle to Column
200 mm
7.9 in 
Spindle Nose Taper
BT 30
CNC Controller
Control System
Siemens / Fanuc / Mitsubishi
Feed Rate
Rapid Traverse X, Y, Z Axis
5000 m/min
197 in/min
Programmable Feed Rate
0-5000 mm/min
0-197 in/min
ATC Unit (Optional)
Tool Storage Capacity
6 Pcs
Max .Tool Length
40 mm
1.6 in
Max. Tool Dia.
16 mm
0.63 in
0.01 mm
0.0004 in
±0.005 mm
±0.0002 in
Coolant Tank
60 Ltrs
15.8 gal
Power Source
Power Supply
415V ± 2% 50 Hz Cycles, 3 Phase
Machine Dimensions
L x W x H (Approx.)
1435 mm x 1210 mm x 2030 mm
56.5 in x 47.7 in x 80 in
Machine Weight (Approx.)
950 kg
2094 lbs.
Optional Accessories
AC Panel Cooler, Hydro Pneumatic Vice, Tooling Package, ATC Unit, Compressor, Stabilizer
Upgradable / Compatible
FMS & CIM System
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