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FMS/CIM Software
CIMSIM V 2.1 Technical Details
CIMSIM is designed to allow user to configure & simulate FMS/CIM system. The software contains several devices, allowing the users to configure their own factory floors. The software when used with the hardware allows for both configuration and control of the hardware FMS/ CIM systems. CIMSIM can be deployed as stand-alone software for trainee simulation.
Device Drivers Available
Automatic Guided Vehicle AGV
Vision System
Assembly Station
Shuttle Conveyor I
Shuttle Conveyor II
Loading & Unloading Arm Mill
Transfer Conveyor
Loading & Unloading Arm Lathe
Rotary Conveyor
Automatic Storage & Retrieval System ASRS
Rotary Pick & Place.
Software Features
Online & offline simulation software
Individual command animation for all secure device drivers enabling & disabling,
Automatic safety feature for machines in online mode
User friendly switch over between modes & screen lock function is implemented to lock the software
Network based data transfer technology implemented for the communication of master to equipment
Animated Help file with step by step execution of software operating procedure
Automatic ASRS rack status detection feature available
Loading & saving command list in to a file is possible for the generated sequence
Current command on execution highlighted in the auto generated command list
Each machine status and individual process time is displayed at the run-time
User Advantages - CIM Configuration Software
Layout design.
Process planning - Plan the process in the shop floor layout.
Sequence generation - Create root plan and Sequence generation for both auto & manual sequence
Simulate real time production planning scenario to identify an optimum solution
Design, build & execute complex CIM systems
Understand and apply the concept of CIM and its extended applications
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