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Technical Specification
MTAB Chorno Mill is a 4-axis or 5 –axis, compact horizontal machining center. It is a precision machine, designed for reliability and easy maintenance, that stands up to even the toughest shop environments, maintaining accuracy and productivity for years generating an exceptional return on investment.
The HMC is capable of manufacturing highly complex parts using materials like stainless steel, titanium, CoCr alloys and precious metals. The rigidity of the machines creates outstanding surface qualities.
Applications in aerospace, watch manufacturing, jewelry manufacturing, etc.
No. of Axis
4 / 5
Travel (X,Y,Z)
200 mm / 200 mm / 200mm
8 in / 8 in / 8 in
± 360 Deg (for 4 Axis), ± 15 Deg (for 5 Axis,
Axis Motor
Servo Type
Dedicated 4 /5 Axis Simultaneous CNC Controller
0.005 mm
0.0002 in
± 0.002 mm
0.00008 in
Materials Machined
Glass, Ceremic, Chrome, Cobalt, Titanium
Spindle Power
2200 W
2.95 Hp
Spindle Speed
20000 rpm
Tool Shank Size
3 to 12 rpm
No. of Tools
6 / 12
Operating Voltage
415 VAC,  3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Power Requirement
10 kVA
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1200 mm x 1850 mm x 1875 mm
48 in x 74 in x 75 in
1800 kg
3960 lbs
Optimally designed Cast Iron Base with adequate ribbings for high Static and Dynamic rigidity.
All the axis slides are designed to be driven by ball screws at their centre of gravity.
Very high level of precision is ensured on the components machine by the Precision class LM Guides and Ground Ball screws.
Direct Driven 4 axis rotary as option.
Exceptional surface finish.
Structural overhang and short force loops are advantages of Symmetric design of machine structure.
Excellent thermal stability.
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