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MAPS - 5 ( Flexible Automation System)
Technical Specification
This Modular Automation Production System (MAPS) is an exceptional system where no single unit /module in this system is static i.e. modules can be configured into many number of grouped or stand-alone exercises.
Stacking module contains base plate components. The capping module contains the top plate for assembly. The screwing module contains the screws for the assembly. Sensor identifies the presence and type of part. The linear indexing module indexes to the next station, where it passes or rejects the part depending upon the type of material. The passed part is then indexed to next station where the capping takes place. Then a rotary transfer arm places the assembled part in the Rotary Table. The rotary table indexes to the screwing module for securing the two assembled components. Once screw is in place, the rotary table indexes to the stamping/ printing station. Finally the fully assembled part is placed on the conveyor by the linear pick & place.
All the modules are robust and standardized for flexible configuration. The system is supplied with complete PLC control module for easy plug-n-play functionality.
The control system controls the entire operation of the MAPS. It has a control box with a PLC that is programmed suitably to control the operation of each of the modules systematically so that the modules cooperate and work to execute specific processes. The system can also be used as PLC trainer and the students can learn PLC programming, wiring, etc.
Siemens PLC (40 digital inputs, 32 digital outputs, Communication Cable)
Selector switch:12 position rotary switch to select the module to control
24V Power supply, 4.5 Amps, ON/OFF Switch, 230 V Male Plug
Fuse Bank, 37 Pin D-type Male/Female Connector
E-Stop, Start, Stop Switch (22.5V) , Touch Screen Panel
Transformer (12V AC), 24v Compact Relay, Sticker Layout
Skills Development Objective
Basic concepts in automation.
Basic applications of automation in industries
Advanced applications of Sensors, Pneumatics in automation.
Demonstrate a familiarity in the working of such systems & Production Planning
Learn Robotics & Automation technology.
Study the actual control system used in industries
In-depth training in fault detection & correction
Learn about the maintenance & servicing of these systems
Basic and Advanced Software:
PLC Programming
Readymade applications
Circuit design and simulation
Fault Identification and correction
User friendly design- Easy to use & simulate
Adv. Software includes Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical & Digital, PLC principles, application design and troubleshooting
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