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MAPS - 6 ( Modular Automation System)
Technical Specification
This modular automation production system is one of the most effective ways of demonstrating a manufacturing automation in a user friendly training set up.
The MAPS-6 system is a complete and practical demonstration bringing a miniature table top automation system to the laboratory.
All the modules are standard modules, grouped together to demonstrate specific processes. The system is supplied with complete PLC control modules, programming software, training materials

MAPS 6 system demonstrates packaging operations. It is a packaging system where the bottles are tested, filled with respective component, capped, weighed and palletized.

Station 1: Robotics Station
The 6 axis aristo robot picks the empty bottle and places in the stacking queue for distribution. The robot will continuously fill the stacking with bottle until the high limit is reached.
STATION 2: Distribution Station
Here the bottle is dispensed from Stacking Queue by the dispenser and dispensed bottle is placed in the conveyor in testing station by rotary pick and place.
STATION 3: Testing Station
The bottle is checked for its height and nature of substance such as metal or non metal. Then the conveyor will transfer the bottle for rejection if it fails the test and the bottle with the correct height and material is transferred for Rotary pick and place. RPP picks and places the correct bottle on the indexing rotary table in processing station.
STATION 4: Processing Station
The motorized rotary module will index the bottle to Volumetric filling 1&2, fill check, RPP1&2. Here empty bottles are filled, checked for fill verification and properly filled bottles are placed in the shuttle conveyor (assembly station) through RPP. Failed bottles in fill check verifications are rejected by rejection module.
STATION 5: Assembly Station
The shuttle conveyor transfers the bottle to different position such as for color check, capping process, Rotary pick and place. Shuttle moves for color check after the filled bottle is placed in the shuttle. Then the shuttle is moved for capping. Once capping is finished the shuttle moves to RPP module for the transfer of capped bottle to the weighing module in the storage station.
STATION 6: Storage Station
The weight of the bottle is checked in weighing module. Once weighing is done, XY palletizer will store the bottle in the pallet according to weight.
Having successfully completed this lab, the student will demonstrate knowledge in –
In Automation Technology
Advanced concepts in automation.
Advanced applications of automation in industries
Advanced concepts in automation
Advanced applications of Sensors, Pneumatics in automation.
Demonstrate a familiarity in the working of such systems & Production Planning
Learn Robotics & Automation technology.
Study the actual control system used in industries
In-depth training in fault detection & correction
Learn about the maintenance & servicing of these systems
MAPS 6 System
Software (Optional):
Automation Studio with PLC  I/O Kit.
Product description manual
Operation manual
Exercise workbook
Teachers Manual
Students Manual


Desktop Computer with  Latest Configuration such as Windows 7 Professional and 17inch LCD Monitor  - 1No
Compressor 25 Litre tank Capacity, 6 to 8 Bar (100 – psi)  - 1No
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