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Software Features
MECSIM is a user friendly simulation software for designing simple circuits and control the mechatronics components. It emulates mechatronics hardware in a 3D software environment allowing users to observe the operation, learn the programming and simulation techniques. The simulation software allows generation of faults and the resolution, thus learning maintenance and fault resolution techniques.
Offline simulation software
Easy to use & simulate – user friendly design & 3D simulation
Readymade applications in 3D environment
Circuit design & simulation
Animated virtual simulation for the above modules.
Program editor
To program various modules - XY table (2 Axis), Linear Conveyor (1 Axis), Shuttle conveyor (1 Axis), Rotary table (1 Axis) and Pneumatics, Fan, Motor and LED’s simultaneously.
Program Editor Controls - Insert Delete Run, Stop, Reset and Select Run.
IO settings for all Mechatronics equipment of the software.
Parameters definitions for modules include Gear ratio, Pitch, Motor max Rpm and encoder.
Calibration of parameter setting values for the axis.
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