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Rascal Robix Robot
The Rascal ROBIX kit is modular and contains a simple to use control system that can be plugged into the PC and programmed for operation of the robotic arm. Robix robots are great educational tools for introducing the concepts of robotics, control, automation and applications to the students. With the education tools such as tutorials and guides to build the kits, students learn to work hands-on mechanical and electrical assembly, programming and operation of the robots.  
RASCAL Robix Robot Kit contains:
The Rascal Software lets students work attheir own level, Middle School through University.

Level: Functionality added:
Beginner's Teach Mode: No Typing
Macros for easy Loops and Nesting.
Networked Multi-Robot control.
C++, VB links for Thesis-Level Projects.
And All of this software is included with every set
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