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CNC Simulation |Robotics Simulation|Mechatronics Simulation|FMS/CIM Software
CNC Simulation
A comprehensive introductory package for teaching and learning CNC Programming and Simulation in multiple controls. Contains basic CAD, CAM, Wizard, Machine Simulator and much more

Robotics Simulation
A user-friendly robotics simulation package, ARISTOSIM, that teaches basics of robot programming as well building application using several built-in modules and ability to import objects.

Mechatronic Simulation
A simple introductory mechatronics simulation package with built-in set of modules. Teaches operations of individual modules, allows fault setting and resolution.

FMS/CIM Software
An easy-to-use module manufacturing automation software. Has several built in modules such as machines, FMS accessories. Can be used to create factory layouts, learn about sequence generation, process optimization and fault identification & resolution
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