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StarMILL 5.X.3
Technical Specification
Dedicated 5 axis simultaneoous cnc controller
Precision LM guide & ballscrews
Harmonic drive rotary table
Tool breakage detection
8 to 14 mins per crown
No. of Axis
TYravel (X,Y,Z)
100 mm / 190 mm /100mm
± 360 Deg (for 4 Axis), ± 15 Deg (for 5th Axis
Axis Motor
Servo Type
Dedicated 5 Axis Simultaneous CNC Controller
0.01 mm
± 0.005 mm
Machinable Materials
Zircon, PMMA, Wax, Glass, Ceremic, Chrome, Cobalt
Blank Size
Dia 98 mm x Thk 10~30
Spindle Power
500 W
Spindle Speed
60000 rpm
Tool Shank Size
3/4 mm
No. of Tools
6/12 mm
Operating Voltage
110V / 230V AC Single Phase
Power Requiremnet
4 kVA
Dimensions (L x W x H)
775 mm x 900 mm x 770 mm
180 kg
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