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Warehouse Automation Management
Technical Specification

Warehouse Management Is a key concept in logistics and supply chain management. The MTAB Warehouse Automation Management System provides hands-on training in automated warehouse storage, material handling, distribution, information management, quality inspection and process control. It is designed for modular expansion and introduction of new concepts as the customer develops the program to add more complex activities.

The MTAB system integrates multiple automation technologies such as PLC for programming and control, Human Machine Interface (HMI) for interaction and testing, RFID for information and process management, Vision for automated inspection, CMM for automated part measurements, sensor technologies to control traffic and execution, etc.
Equipment Offered
Storage System
Automation Storage and Retrieval System
Transfer System
ROVER Automatic Guided Vehicle, Transfer Conveyors
Vision Inspection System
Tracking System
RFID System
Other Equipment
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Transfer Conveyor
Assembly Station
PLC based
CIMSIM Warehouse Automation System Programming (WASP) Software
Factory Automation
The system is supplied with an engaging online and offline software called Warehouse Automation System Programming (WASP). In the lab, the offline software allows students to explore the capabilities of warehouse automation system, build and simulate warehouse sequences. In the online mode, the WASP software executes the student programs, controls and monitors the execution. Supplied with detailed training materials, the MTAB Warehouse Automation System allows students and teachers to build real-world skills in warehousing automation.
Assembly Station with Robot
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